Future of Bioplastics and Their Export Potential

If you have worked in the plastic industry in India, you might be aware of the wonders of bioplastics. These plastics decompose through the actions of living organisms, such as microbial action. They possess parallel properties like traditional plastics but are believed to break down by more than 60% within 180 days or less.

Technological advancements are also being made to reduce bioplastic costs, making them more attractive for international trade. Thus, the future of bioplastics seems bright as more countries join hands in bioplastic exports. So, if you want to deal in bioplastics, attend the PLEXCONNECT 2024, a unique plastic exhibition event.

A Window to Bioplastic’s Future

Reports say that the global market size for bioplastics in 2021 was estimated to be around USD 10.35 billion and will cross around USD 29.79 billion by 2030. It depicts a healthy annual growth rate to propel the bioplastics trade forward. Also, several other advantages of bioplastics hold strong ground for their bright future. Read on to know why bioplastics are in high demand and will continue to do so even in the future:

  • Bioplastics are synonymous with lesser carbon dioxide emissions as their manufacturing does not involve extracting and refining petroleum products.
  • Bioplastic production requires less energy, saving a lot on fossil fuels.
  • Conventional plastics release harmful chemicals like methane, BPA(bisphenol A), etc. However, bioplastics don’t release harmful chemicals when they biodegrade, thus making them healthier for the environment and human health.

Bioplastic Export Potential

The demand for bioplastics continues to surge in the global market owing to its healthy impacts on the ecosystem. In addition, governments are also taking initiatives and making investments to enhance the bioplastic trade. All this is driven by the huge acceptance of bioplastics across various industries, like packaging, textiles, transportation, consumer goods, etc.

As per Volza Global Import Data, the total export shipments of bioplastics until 2023 globally rounded upto 2200. A total of 287 exporters exported the shipments to 330 buyers. The top three exporters of bioplastics include Germany, China, and the Netherlands . In future, these exports are expected to grow even more due to the following reasons:

  • Due to rising awareness regarding the hazards of traditional plastics, there is an increase in the demand for eco-friendly products. Thus, the international market for bioplastics exports has significantly opened up.
  • Today, many governments offer incentives for implementing sustainable production methods, making bioplastics a valuable export commodity.

PLEXCONCIL: Supporting Bioplastics Production and Export in India

Being the voice of the plastic industry in India, PLEXCONCIL continues to promote the country’s exporters at international trade fairs. Being aware of the trends concerning bioplastic demand and exports, PLEXCONCIL offers a great opportunity for exporters to come forward and connect with global supply chains. If you are someone who deals with bioplastics and is eager to join hands with other exporters globally, visit the PLEXCONNECT 2024 event in Mumbai.

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