Ixigo- Exploring the Future of Travel Technology Investments

You have come to the right place to know how Ixigo will explore the future of travel technology investments. In this digitalised and globalised world, booking tickets to travel to nooks and corners is possible with a few clicks.   Ixigo was one of the pioneers who understood it as early as 2007 and became the leader in providing innovative travelling solutions worldwide.   Also, it plans to adapt to the constant evolution of technology in travel to service its customers and increase its profits.   That is reflected in its unlisted share price traded on reputed platforms for investors to make a killing by investing in it and reap huge profits while it comes out with its IPO. 

So, check out how Ixigo, the leading OTA or online travel aggregator, explores the future of travel technology investments to show better results in the coming fiscal years to increase its value in the grey market, IPO price, and stock prices while listing in the exchanges.

How is Ixigo the pioneer in using technology in the travel industry in India?

Gone are the days of people travelling far-off distances to railway booking centres and waiting hours to book their tickets to various destinations.   Also, to avoid disappointment at the counter of not getting tickets to the business or tourist places.   Now, innovative touring companies like Ixigo have enabled you to book tickets in the comfort of your home or any place with your smartphone.   That is only some of what Ixigo offers, but it makes your journey simple, easy and quick without any issues.   It is because of providing pre-booked cabs, hotel bookings, and many other services at your fingertips.   Ixigo has offered innovative solutions to millions of its users for the past one and half decades by providing essential data to make informed decisions by comparing costs and others. 

How is Ixigo going to explore the future of travel technology investments?

WTTC, or the World Travel & Tourism Council, confirms that the travelling industry will overcome the pandemic challenges and grow into a trillion-dollar industry.   Also, the rapid advancement of technology in the future will enable travellers to benefit more from Ixigo because they plan their business and leisure trips worldwide.   It will also increase Ixigo’s sales, revenue, and profit in the short and long term.   Le Travenues Technology Ltd, the parent company of Ixigo, did not go through its IPO for 1,600 crores in 2021 issues; it raised funds through private investments.   It is the reason that the Ixigo unlisted share price traded at an all-time high of Rs. 225 in 2021 and dived to Rs. 80 in 2023.   But with a fresh investment of 53 million dollars or Rs. 395 crores from GIC, it is now trading at around Rs. 150 in February 2024.   The other significant reason for this is the unconfirmed news of the Ixigo IPO soon.   Also, with Ixigo leveraging the rapid increase of generative AI And ChatGPT in its app and other software services, it will continue to be the leading OTA in India. 


The above facts will confirm how Ixigo pioneered innovative technology in the travelling industry to raise investments and its unlisted share price to invest through reputed online platforms.  

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